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Japanese Hiragana A
あ in hiragana or ア in katakana (romanised a) is one of the Japanese kana that each represent one mora. あ is based on the sōsho style of kanji 安, and ア is from the radical of kanji 阿. In the modern Japanese system of alphabetical order, it occupies the first position of the alphabet, before い. Additionally, it is the 36th letter in Iroha, after て, before さ. Its hiragana resembles the kana no combined with a cross. Read More...

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Saying What You Mean Profile

It has been said that Japanese is 80% verbs and their endings. Japanese Verbs: Saying What You Mean guides the student of Japanese through the verbs, along with their various forms and conjugations, in short, clear lessons. While the book is written to be "beginner friendly," it is also packed with tips concerning the actual use of the language in modern settings... Read more!

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