Hiragana す

Japanese Hiragana SU

Transliteration su
Section S
Hiragana Man'yōgana
Stroke Number 3

, in hiragana, or in katakana is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. Their shapes come from the kanji 寸 and 須, respectively. Both kana represent the sound [su͍]). In the Ainu language, the katakana ス can be written as small ㇲ to represent a final s, and is used to emphasize the pronunciation of [s] rather than the normal [ɕ] (represented in Ainu as ㇱ).

Forms Rōmaji Hiragana
Normal s-
(さ行 sa-gyō)
Suu, swu
すう, すぅ
Addition dakuten z-
(ざ行 za-gyō)
Zuu, zwu
ずう, ずぅ
Other additional forms
Form A (Sw-)
Romaji Hiragana
Swa すぁ
Swi すぃ
Swe すぇ
Swo すぉ
Form B (Zw-)
Romaji Hiragana
Zwa ずぁ
Zwi ずぃ
Zwe ずぇ
Zwo ずぉ

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Words with 'す' Edit

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'す' in the middle Edit

'す' at the end Edit

Stroke order Edit

Hiragana す stroke order animation

Stroke order in writing す

The Hiragana す is made with three strokes:

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